January 19, 2024

EUCLID Math Contest with the University of Waterloo

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EUCLID Math Contest with the University of Waterloo

TIA participated in the Canadian Senior Math Contest with the University of Waterloo. Mr. Mehran prepared a team in the weeks prior to the contest. Written by over 20 000 participants worldwide every year, the Euclid contest gives senior-level secondary school students the opportunity to tackle novel problems with creativity and all of the knowledge they’ve gained in secondary school mathematics. Euclid are some of the most complex and challenging among all our contests, helping participants build perseverance, a key component of mathematical problem-solving. Students participated because it is very helpful for their supplementary applications.

We would like to congratulate Seojin scoring in the Top 25% of contestants and Linbo for participating and representing Toronto International Academy in the contest. We are proud of our TIA students success and look forward to the next competition!

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