student life

Knowledge is gained not only in the classroom, but in life outside of it too.

At TIA we believe in wholesome education that starts in the classroom and doesn't end there. We organize regular social and educational events where students thrive by developing friendships, exploring culture and gaining new interests.

Terry Fox Run, Fundraising Campaigns, Community Volunteering
monthly sports days

field trips

Such as Wonderland, Science Centre, Ripley's Aquarium, Museums, Christmas Market etc.

holiday events

Halloween, Christmas, Lunar New Year & Birthdays!

university fair
Charity events
Art, Music, Chess, Cooking, Photography, Gym, Debate & more!
graduation & prom

The University of Waterloo’s CEMC contests challenge students to develop their math and computer skills, thereby boosting confidence and pushing them to strive further. TIA is proud to host the EUCLID contest, the Canadian Senior and Intermediate Mathematics Contests, and the Canadian Computing Competition for our students. 

math & computer contests


kind of a big moment at tia..

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