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..that's what our students say! We are proud to be a leading international private high school in Canada, located in the heart of a diverse, growing and safe city of Mississauga. Through two decades of providing top quality education, TIA has guided thousands of students to achieve their goals, successful careers, and to become the best version of themselves!

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Education is a journey. It starts from the moment you say your first words, to the time you learn how to ride a bike, to the moment you find your calling for your future and become the best at doing what you love. TIA has long been home to talented, ambitious students, looking to succeed. For a decade of my time at TIA, I have witnessed the school stand by its founding principle - to build brighter futures with our students.

We are looking forward to welcoming you into our family and helping  you become an intelligent, happy and successful PERSON. 

Martin Melkoumian


Everyone is welcome here and is treated as part of a family.

We don't just teach subjects. We provide quality High School Education through an innovative approach to student learning. Our students graduate TIA with the prestigious and internationally recognized Ontario Secondary School Diploma, opening up a multitude of excellent post-secondary opportunities in Canada and around the world. By catering to students' personalized needs and learning styles, TIA enables them to build the confidence and leadership skills needed as future global citizens.

Thao le, tia Alumna (2019)

Our teachers are the life of the school!

you'll miss them in university (ask our former students!!)


OCT certfied and super intelligent.

your success = happy teacher

they care.
they listen.
they don't give up on anyone.

your TIA staff + teachers

our facility

Life is booming on any and every day in Mississauga. As Canada's 6th largest city, and one of its safest, there is plenty to do anytime, whether for friends' night out, shopping, exploring nature or trying new exciting foods. 

located in mississauga, ontario

750k+ Population

10 Top Universities Nearby

480+ Parks 

Taste the World with 1200+ Restaurants

130 Languages Spoken

lounge areas

modern classrooms

enclosed gym facilities

experience our:


art room & more!

computer lab

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Choosing the right high school can be overwhelming, but that's why we are here! Give us a call for a free consultation.

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