Applying to TIA is simple and straightforward. Follow these easy steps to join our school!

***International students can use this for the purpose of attaining a Study Permit.

step 01

Follow these steps to start TIA’s Application Process

Additional Required Documents

Academic Transcripts (past 2 years of schooling) and Immunization Records (vaccination against tuberculosis, mumps, measles, rubella, diphtheria, tetanus and polio)

step 02

TIA will evaluate your transcript and send you a detailed Study Plan, an invoice, and a Preliminary Acceptance Letter within 48 hours.

step 03

Pay Tuition Fees. Once tuition fees are received by TIA, we will send you an OFFICIAL ACCEPRANCE LETTER!

step 04

If needed, complete TIA’s assessment tests (Math & English).

Application Form

Pay Tuition Fees. Once tuition fees are received by TIA, we will send you an OFFICIAL ACCEPTANCE LETTER!

for international students

Last, but not least...

step 05

Get ready for an amazing time at TIA and in Canada!


TIA Entrance Scholarship is awarded at the time of application. It is designated for students who excelled academically in their studies and displayed qualities of merit in areas like sports, leadership, art, and more, at the time of application.

TIA Scholarship for Academic Excellence is awarded annually to existing students who achieved academic excellence as well as displayed strong leadership and initiative.

inquire for full details!

sibling benefits

TIA values the trust that families and communities place in us in guiding their children on to a path of success. We are proud to have been the home of many students’ siblings, both international and local. In gratitude, TIA is happy to provide sibling discounts of 10%-30% (10% for first, 20% for second, 30% for third sibling enrolled).