Study from anywhere in the world with TIA! Complete the full OSSD curriculum with 60+ courses to choose from for grades 7 to 12. Every course offers a flexible structure, including asynchronous learning and 1-on-1 synchronous live tutoring with your teacher.


the enhanced online learning experience

why e-school?

Flexible schedule

Study at your own pace anywhere in the world, while getting the guidance you need to obtain the prestigious OSSD.

diverse content

Recorded videos, engaging activities that suit all learning styles, and individualized support from your teacher.

interactive communication

Constant engagement with teachers, including tutoring sessions, throughout every course for best results.

academic guidance

Full time E-School students receive complete academic guidance and university application counselling in an all-inclusive package.

Online education made for you

Whether you want to take an extra course to supplement your studies, or seek to obtain the OSSD fully online, we got you covered! Launched in 2014, our E-School has been refined for an exceptional online learning experience, including...

  • Academic support by expert teachers
  • 90+ high school courses
  • Ministry-approved curriculum
  • Seamless transition between E-School & in-person learning


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alex lien, tia grad (now in TMU)

The activities, videos, and study materials were versatile and extremely helpful.

Aly Atwan, e-school student

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