December 22, 2023


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Education is evolving, and so is TIA. We’ve invested in new technologies that will help our school community better prepare for the digital future.

Here are some of the upgrades we’ve made in the last few months:

Classrooms 4, 5, and 6 were fitted with new Samsung Flipboard 75-inch touch-screen displays interactive displays. that allow staff and students to write, draw, and connect with their devices. They can also select, scroll through, move, and crop images seamlessly.

The Computer Lab has been completely replaced with sleek new HP machines optimized for graphic design and programming. Each computer has 2024 office and Adobe Creative suite design software to enable students with the right tools for their studies.

TIA administration got a huge digital upgrade with the new student and school management software. This software includes an online scheduler, parent portal, report cards, and student profile and more, which helps TIA staff, teachers and parents stay on track with students progress with their education.