Meeting with UGP Students

On September 5th 2023, we had a special UGP meeting with 2023-2024’s UGP students. Mr. Bakri went over the UGP schedule and UGP perks in the UGP study room. This year, we plan on having more guidance sessions with UGP students, and we discussed possible trips or events that we can hold for UGP. Stick […]

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2023-2024 Fall Orientation

On September 5th 2023, TIA had its Orientation. We welcomed our students to the 2023-2024 school year. Students came at 10:00AM to the orientation session led by Mr. Bakri. We introduced students to the quadmester system, UGP schedule, Telegram, E-School, school rules, and trip schedule. We also made sure that all students are taking the […]

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TIA Summer School Talent Show

TIA along with our partners held TIA Summer Talent Show the on Thursday, August 3rd. It was held at the Erindale Community Hall. A short bus ride from school. This was a grand turn out as our students as well as sixty ESL summer camp student’s joined us from Mexico. There were various solo singing […]

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