Celebrating 20 Years!


- farris qita, Tia alumnus - 

"a great investment for your future"

At TIA, we re-define the meaning of a successful education to more than just marks. To us, it's about being  THE BEST  that you can be.


to your new journey.

work +  play = tia

Student Life

While our students work hard all year long, they also get to cool off with many field trips, school events, parties, and more! Life in high school should be fun, and at TIA you will get to enjoy it to the fullest!

"TIA is an amazing school. The school provides excellent programs with small classes and high level of student-teacher interaction.The teachers are so friendly and helpful, they always create a fun environment to make the lessons more interesting."

Thao le, tia Alumna (2019)

"TIA has offered me to expand my learning in a more personal type of level... I can focus and have a style of learning that fits me compared to studying with a large class and being less prioritized. I can focus more on my work and complete assignments more efficiently."

Hasan al ahmad, tia alumnus (2019)

"I had an amazing time attending T.I.A. All the teachers are very friendly, intelligent and helpful. I have never met more helpful teachers, they will help you reach your best potential."

fernando miron, tia alumnus (2022)

"I've had one year of splendid experience at TIA. I learned a lot and had made lots of friends. Teachers are very helpful and dedicated to students. The counsellors are always available to answer our questions."

alex lien, tia alumnus (2018)


Ready to take the next step towards your success?

TIA's graduates have gone far and wide, entering top universities and landing dream careers! Best part of all - we love to keep in touch and cheer on their success! 

Got questions?

Choosing the right high school can be overwhelming, but that's why we are here! Give us a call for a free consultation.

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